Make It Possible, with Our AI

AI for Business

For executives & product managers

We provide value in a variety of areas, from analyzing emotions to managing corporate compliance.


EmoTrackAI tracks emotions in real-time conversations, suggests improvements, and optimizes communication strategies. show detail

ImaginAIry Destinations

ImaginAIry Destinations combines ChatGPT and image generation AI to create personalized travel guides and introduce fictional facilities for imaginary cities, offering unique travel experiences.   show detail


StoryMates uses GPT-4 technology to recreate popular book and movie characters, enabling real-time conversations and immersive experiences. show detail 

VirtualShop Assistant

VirtualShop Assistant utilizes transparent displays to provide AI shop assistants for real-time conversations with customers, offering personalized product suggestions, answering questions, and supporting purchases. show detail 

AI Hookah Recommender

AI Hookah Recommender offers personalized hookah flavor recommendations based on personal info, mood detection, and flavor profiles. User feedback is used for system optimization, and it seamlessly integrates with existing hookah bars or cafes' systems.  show detail


ComplianceAI automatically analyzes internal communication for potential issues, such as harassment and abuse of power. This system uses AI to ensure conversations comply with corporate governance and risk management standards. show detail

AI for Investment

For Next Generation of Investors

We reduce risk and increase returns by using AI. In addition to MarketSenseAI, our regular stock investment support package, We offer ExposAI, which automatically investigates the risk of stock price declines due to corporate crime and accounting irregularities.



MarketSenseAI uses GPT-4 for sentiment and trend analysis from text content like SNS and HP. This system provides efficient market information analysis for investment and marketing strategies. show detail

ExposAI Trader


ExposAI Trader suggests potential corporate misconduct by analyzing real-time internet information based on the name of a company, supporting short-selling fund operations.    show detail