ComplianceAI automatically collects and analyzes internal communication, including voice recordings, Teams, Slack, and other conversations, to determine who said what to whom and to identify potential issues such as harassment, inappropriate instructions, and abuse of power. This system checks corporate governance and risk management using AI to ensure that conversations do not contain any inappropriate content.


The main features of ComplianceAI are as follows: 1. Conversation collection: Automatically collects online conversations such as voice recordings, Teams, and Slack. 2. AI analysis: Analyzes collected conversation data to detect signs of harassment, inappropriate instructions, and abuse of power. 3. Report generation: Generates detailed reports in real-time based on the analysis results. 4. Alert notification: Notifies administrators if any issues are detected to prompt quick action. 5. Privacy protection: All data is encrypted and strict privacy protection is enforced.

Use cases

1. Internal risk management: Detects potential risks in internal communication and takes appropriate measures. 2. Compliance with laws and regulations: Continuously monitors communication to ensure compliance with laws and regulations. 3. Employee education: Conducts awareness-raising or training programs based on detected issues. 4. Moral improvement: Improves the overall communication environment of the company, leading to an improvement in employee morale.