EmoTrackAI is a system that estimates emotional changes from conversations, performs real-time emotion evaluation, and quantitatively visualizes emotional fluctuations as a graph. Based on this information, it outputs improvements for negotiations or business dealings, and can ultimately perform real-time analysis.

Knowing emotions is a huge advantage

Unlock deeper insights into motivation and intention from audio and video inputs.


EmoTrackAI's main features are as follows: 1. Emotional estimation: Performs real-time emotion evaluation from videos of people's conversations. 2. Visualization: Quantitatively visualizes emotional fluctuations as a graph to make analysis easier. 3. Improvement output: Automatically outputs improvement points for negotiations or business dealings based on analysis results. 4. Real-time analysis: The system can ultimately perform real-time emotion analysis and improvement output.

Use cases

1. Negotiations/Business dealings: Real-time understanding of emotional changes during negotiations or business dealings can optimize strategies and approaches. 2. Customer support: Analyzing communication with customers can identify improvement points to enhance service quality. 3. HR/Recruitment: Real-time understanding of candidates' or employees' emotional changes during interviews or evaluations can lead to appropriate responses and evaluations. 4. Sales/Marketing: Real-time analysis of customer reactions during presentations of products or services can optimize strategies and approaches. 5. Conflict management: Understanding emotional changes of stakeholders during conflict or problem-solving processes can lead to effective responses and solutions.