ExposAI Trader

ExposAI Trader is a short-selling fund operation support system that suggests potential corporate misconduct (such as corporate collusion, bribery, environmental pollution, false advertising, etc.) based on past information by simply entering the name of a company. This system searches for information on the internet in real-time and analyzes and presents potential issues for companies that may pose a risk to investors.


The main functions of ExposAI Trader are as follows: 1. Corporate information collection: Collects real-time information related to the specified company from the internet. 2. Misconduct detection: Detects and analyzes information that suggests corporate misconduct such as corporate collusion, bribery, environmental pollution, false advertising, etc. 3. Risk evaluation: Evaluates potential risks for companies and presents risk levels to investors. 4. Past information analysis: Evaluates the possibility of future problems based on past misconduct and scandal information. 5. Alert function: An alert function that notifies investors in real-time when misconduct is detected.

Use cases

1. Short-selling investors: Identify companies that may have potential misconduct and help develop short-selling strategies. 2. Investment funds: Evaluate corporate risk and use it for portfolio risk management. 3. Individual investors: Understand potential problems with companies and make safer investment decisions. 4. News analysis: Obtain information before corporate misconduct becomes news to predict the future market.