MarketSenseAI is a trading system that uses GPT-4 to perform sentiment analysis, trend analysis, and correlation estimation from text content such as SNS and HP. This system efficiently grasps and analyzes market information, which can be used for investment decisions and marketing strategies.


The main functions of MarketSenseAI are as follows: 1. Sentiment analysis: Extracts consumer emotions and opinions from text content such as SNS and HP and analyzes evaluations of products and services. 2. Trend analysis: Predicts market trends and changes based on time-series data and analyzes the balance of future demand and supply. 3. Correlation estimation: Estimates the correlation between different data sources and clarifies market trends and factors. 4. Data visualization: Displays analysis results in easy-to-understand graphs and charts to assist decision-making. 5. Automatic updates: The system automatically updates data whenever new information is obtained and provides the latest analysis results.

Use cases

1. Investment decisions: Based on the results of sentiment analysis and trend analysis, optimization of investment portfolios and judgment of investment timing can be performed. 2. Marketing strategies: By understanding market trends and consumer opinions, effective marketing strategies can be formulated. 3. Product development: By estimating correlations, market needs and competitive situations can be grasped, and new product development and improvement can be performed. 4. Complaint handling: Real-time understanding of consumer dissatisfaction and requests enables prompt and appropriate complaint handling.