StoryMates is an innovative system that allows you to have conversations with your favorite book or movie characters. Using GPT-4 technology, popular literary works and movie characters are recreated with precision, enabling real-time conversations. Through this immersive experience, you can immerse yourself in the world of the story, directly communicate with the characters, and gain new perspectives and knowledge.


StoryMates provides the following features: 1. Character generation: Characters are generated from your favorite books or movies. The characters' personalities, tone, values, etc. are faithfully reproduced, enabling realistic conversations. 2. Real-time conversations: You can enjoy text chats with the generated characters. They respond in real-time and maintain a natural flow of conversation. 3. Customization: You can customize the appearance and personality of the characters to your liking, and create your own unique story. 4. Situation settings: You can select various situations and background settings to make the conversation even more interesting. 5. VR/AR compatibility: It is compatible with virtual reality or augmented reality devices, providing an immersive experience.

Use cases

 1. Book lovers: Through interactions with characters from your favorite books, you can delve even deeper into the story. You can convey your thoughts and questions directly to the characters. 2. Movie fans: You can discover new perspectives by imagining the continuation of the movie or by talking with the characters. It can also be useful when creating your own fan fiction. 3. Educational purposes: You can deepen your knowledge and understanding of classic literature or historical characters through conversations with them.