VirtualShop Assistant

VirtualShop Assistant is a virtual shop assistant system that utilizes transparent displays. AI shop assistants who can have real-time conversations with customers make shopping experiences more comfortable and efficient. This system suggests products based on the customer's needs, answers questions, and supports the purchase process.

Offer a completely different buying experience!

Reduce communication costs and improve customer experience at the same time


The main features of VirtualShop Assistant are as follows: 1. Virtual shop assistant: A realistic virtual shop assistant displayed on the transparent display supports conversations with customers. 2. Voice recognition technology: Accurately recognizes customers' voices and responds appropriately to their questions and requests. 3. Product suggestion: Suggests products tailored to customers' preferences and needs, supporting the purchasing process. 4. Interactive purchasing process: Displays detailed product information on the display, making it easy to complete the purchasing process. 5. Customizable: VirtualShop Assistant can be customized to fit the store's brand and design.

Use cases

1. Specialty stores: Provides professional knowledge in response to customers' questions and supports product selection. 2. Supermarkets: Guides customers to product locations and provides inventory information for a speedy shopping experience. 3. Shopping malls: Provides information on each store, events, and campaigns, and suggests the optimal shopping route for customers. 4. Restaurants: Provides menu details and allergy information to support customers' food choices. 5. Hotels: Helps with check-in and check-out procedures and provides tourist information and guidance on nearby facilities.